On Wellbeing:
Schedule Evening Transition

Schedule Evening Transition

The Idea

Schedule something daily at the end of your workday that forces you to "walk away" from work. It can be anything, as long as there will be someone waiting for you. For example, a quick FaceTime call with a group of family members, cooking dinner with spouses or roommates or maybe joining a friend on a YouTube workout.

Things To Think About

  1. Set simple expectations of what you plan, so your "something" doesn’t become too lengthy or difficult to facilitate.
  2. It can be a method to enforce productivity, as you'll want to get all of your work done beforehand—for example, timeboxing.
  3. Helping to establish consistency and structure during stressful times, this also creates a daily opportunity to be there for someone else.
  4. Long-term consistency is more important than rigidity—no worries if you or others can't make it work some days. 

Tools that can help

Further Reading

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