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Land the Dog of Your Dreams

Land the Dog of Your Dreams

The Idea

The kind way to get a new dog family member is through adoption—there are already millions of dogs that are waiting for a family of their own. As we navigate a new normal, let’s find a way to support our rescues in finding ways to get these dogs safely into open homes when the time is right.

Things To Think About

  1. Want a dog in your life? Volunteer for a rescue and you’ll have plenty. Sign up, get trained, and get ready for the surplus of dogs that are waiting to come into our care once we get the green light to be out in the community—we could use you. (And generally being a volunteer gets you inside access into dogs on a first serve basis!)
  2. Donate to local shelters that are housing animals in the meantime, places that are likely going to have to take new and lengthier precautions to get dogs into care! We’ve already seen a surplus in abandonment in some areas.
  3. Educate yourself. If you have the time for a dog, educating yourself is just as important. Sign up for seminars geared to have you think critically about your long-term feasibility of dog ownership, and get you prepared for the right dog, at the right time.
  4. Look into the future—where will you ideally be, how much of your care, time, and resources can you put aside for a new dog? Look for the dog that fits your long term game plan—be open to fostering as well.
  5. Act kindly and adopt, when the time is right. 

Tools that can help

Further Reading

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