On Wellbeing:
Know When to Call it Quits and to Unplug

Know When to Call it Quits and to Unplug

The Idea

Learn to truly switch off work at the end of the day. When work and home are the same place, it’s easy to step in and out with notifications and tasks on evenings and weekends. Taking your schedule seriously and creating structure for yourself will help establish boundaries, avoid burnout, and keep a healthy headspace.

Things To Think About

  1. When we're not working, really be off work. Allowing ourselves to recharge by doing the things we love and intentionally not spending time in our workspace
  2. When a workday is complete, its important to allow ourselves to truly "sign-off". Closing the door that we treat as our home office, putting the laptop into its bag, giving ourselves something to leave and walk away from
  3. Designate spaces in our homes where we can disconnect
  4. Consider making a channel for "good morning/signing in" and "good night/signing out" as a physical indicator of signing off for the day
  5. Setting a time where we choose to be done for the day and sticking to it

Tools that can help

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