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Host A 7 Minute Breathing Exercise

Host A 7 Minute Breathing Exercise

The Idea

For many of us working from home, we often feel distracted, stressed, or tired at times during our workday. At Amelia, we’ve found that a quick, less than 10-minute video call to simply breathe helps us all to refocus, feel more connected to our team, and continue our work in a better mindset.

Things To Think About

  1. Find a time: We've found that sessions in the morning or early afternoon help the most, but also picking a time that works for multiple time zones is helpful for companies with international teams.
  2. Make it quick: A good formula is to give 3 minutes for people to join and quickly share how they're feeling, breathe for 3 minutes, and then take 1 minute to share in the chat how they’re feeling now.
  3. Get feedback: Before and after the exercise, ask your team to simply hold up a hand on the video call showing on their fingers how they’re doing from 1 to 5 or share it in the chat. Not only is it helpful to know how beneficial exercises like this are to your team, but more importantly, it gives each team member a brief moment to look inward to really see how they’re doing.
  4. Keep it simple to start: For the actual exercise, a science-backed technique like box breathing is simple and works wonders. You can lead your team through it yourself, or play an audio track from a website or from a mindfulness app like Amelia.
  5. Try out other exercises: At Amelia, we love breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. While a breathing exercise can give a huge boost in a short time during a busy workday, it can also be fun to invite in a yoga instructor or host a longer meditation at the end of a workday. We recently led a company through a special Mother’s Day yoga for their team and their moms. It was so fun that we recorded the exercise and put it in our app.

Tools that can help

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