On Wellbeing:
Designate Your Workspace

Designate Your Workspace

The Idea

Muddying the lines of work and home can take a toll on our mental headspace. Dedicating specific areas in our homes for work and non-work will help to separate the two, keeping us fully present in both spaces at the appropriate times.

Things To Think About

  1. When carving out a workspace at home, be mindful of surroundings that may cause us to be distracted
  2. Avoiding common or traditional relaxation areas when working will make us enjoy those spaces more when we're off work
  3. Knowing our personal productivity style will help curate the ideal workspace (do you prefer minimal or decorative surroundings?)
  4. Create a mood board of workspaces that inspire you, and use them to set up your own workspace

Tools that can help

Further Reading

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