On Productivity:
Align Everyone's Working Hours

Align Everyone's Working Hours

The Idea

Have the whole team working for the same hours of the day. This will increase the probability of people being available when you need them, and ease collaboration and scheduling.

Things To Think About

  1. When choosing which hours, consider teams working across different time zones
  2. Team channel activity will flow much better when everyone is online at the same time
  3. Our team members with families may need flexibility
  4. Communicating the "why" for our teams will promote buy-in
  5. Consider making a channel for "hello/signing in" and "good-bye/signing out" as a physical indicator of signing in and out for the day
  6. Maintaining a form of normalcy in routine, switching from everyone being in the office together to everyone being online together
  7. This function won't work for everyone, especially teams working across countries
  8. Respect that everyone's most awake and productive hours differ
  9. We have found doing this particularly helpful, specifically in promoting "we're all in this together"

Tools that can help

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