On Productivity:
Over Communicate

Over Communicate

The Idea

Working from home requires a continual effort to share and be visible. It's good practice in these times to communicate more than we feel is necessary, whether it's briefing a teammate on the next project or sharing what's so great about Tiger King—it's all important.

Things To Think About

  1. In the office, we can pick up on the non-verbal cues of body language and micro-expressions, being vulnerable and letting others be honest about struggles and frustrations helps everyone be better at their job.
  2. Over-communication will help fill the gaps of defining our purpose for a particular project or role.
  3. Picking up the phone instead of sending a message will allow communication to be clear and personable, if everything is done over email we'll feel more isolated, as not being in the office means we're not talking to our co-workers as often.
  4. It's important to recognize that over-communication takes extra effort, but a healthy work-from-home team doesn't happen without this intentionality.
  5. Define communication channels as a company as well as inter-team.

Tools that can help

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