On Productivity:
Implement Timeboxing

Implement Timeboxing

The Idea

Timeboxing or ‘deep work blocks’ just might save us. This is the elbows out, distraction-free, concentrated work time that allows us to create your daily and weekly roadmaps. We do this to protect our time and ensure we're creating space for our focus work.

Things To Think About

  1. The end of the day is most often suggested for timeboxing, it allows us to complete necessary tasks and roadmap for the next day
  2. If we're asking everyone in the company to timebox, maybe have a mandatory time block so we all take it together and eliminate the thought of a team-mate reaching out
  3. Allows for the right work to be done at the right time
  4. Positively affects our feeling of control. So much of what's happening in the world right now is out of our control, timeboxing allows us to take the wheel
  5. Ensure to also timebox in some time for "miscellaneous" tasks, as those can add up throughout your day and can make you feel discouraged if they're not complete!

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