On Productivity:
Be clear about expectations

Be clear about expectations

The Idea

No one is a mind reader, especially when we're not in each other's physical presence. Misinterpretation and foggy understanding kills our time and motivation—make clarification a cultural norm!

Things To Think About

  1. After meetings, reiterate the next steps in writing for everyone to refer back to
  2. Try moving anything that would have been a quick desk conversation to a video chat, rather than a message
  3. Stay on a muted video call with teammates while working to make quick questions seamless
  4. Identify the next steps and what's crucial
  5. Give concrete feedback—tell others exactly what they are doing well and what needs to be improved
  6. Consider blocking hours of the day where everyone is expected to be online and always available
  7. Summarize what someone has just said, allowing them to adjust and tweak intentions

Tools that can help

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