On Productivity:
Team Specific or 1:1 Daily Check-Ins

Team Specific or 1:1 Daily Check-Ins

The Idea

Reserve time for team and individual alignment that is pre-arranged and in the calendar. Use this time as a touchpoint for daily tasks, expectations, and projects leaving everyone feeling empowered and motivated for the day ahead.

Things To Think About

  1. Becoming aware of each other's contributions helps build trust
  2. We've noticed having this time not only enhances productivity but grows team unity
  3. Provides time in the day to clarify tasks and values
  4. This will have the potential to feel like "another meeting" but creating a meeting agenda will place value on the meeting, even if the reason is just to have camera time altogether. Let the whole team know that "why".
  5. We've found this to be an opportunity for team to share lessons learned at the end of a project

Tools that can help

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