On Helping:
Be Kind

Be Kind

The Idea

Uncertain times give us a chance to respond uniquely to those in our community. Let's remember that many people, beyond medical professionals, are still going into work, making it possible for us to buy groceries, prescriptions, have things delivered and fulfill our everyday needs. What better way to show that we're all in this together then to smile, have a human conversation, and show appreciation for what someone else is doing!

Things To Think About

  1. Say thank you to the cashier at the grocery store.
  2. While passing someone on the sidewalk, we can show physical distance and still smile.
  3. Be generous when tipping someone delivering to you.
  4. Send flowers to someone going through a particularly hard time.
  5. Write letters and send them in the mail, or leave them on your friend's doorstep.
  6. Check-in on your neighbours and see if they're doing okay.
  7. Read up on random acts of kindness and be inspired.
  8. Take the initiative to physical distance—it's not rude to pull over into a path ensuring space, or to cross the street! Especially for families and those with disabilities, who may not be able to adjust their path as easily as you. 

Tools that can help

Further Reading

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