On Family:
Share the Schedule

Share the Schedule

The Idea

A clear path ahead can make all the difference. Our kids will be engaged, and more focused when they know what's coming. Map out what is going to be learned, factor in the breaks, schedule virtual play dates with friends, so they have things to look forward to.

Things To Think About

  1. Consistency and structure are calming during stressful times.
  2. Create an interactive schedule using arts and crafts, and keep it out for the whole family to see.
  3. Use pictures and stickers in place of words, this strengthens visual communication.
  4. Having kids see us problem solve in difficult times is reassuring and a can be a healthy teachable moment.
  5. Consider having kids add their own fun things to the schedule.
  6. Along with the schedule, we can also share our excitement for what time at home as a family means, letting them feed off what we're looking forward to.

Tools that can help

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