On Family:
Honesty is Key

Honesty is Key

The Idea

Since the closures of schools and routines have changed, we've most likely been open and speaking with our kids about the Coronavirus. Being open and upfront about the virus in an age-appropriate way can eliminate a lot of anxiety and confusion for our kids. They can often tell something is wrong, but not understanding it can be worse. Checking in regularly with how they are feeling, along with teaching them about how we stay safe is one of the best things we can do for them. It's an important lesson, and it builds family trust.

Things To Think About

  1. When children experience a change in their schedule, they may be confused or upset, with many of them unsure why they feel that way. Their response may come out through their behaviour, so knowing this as parents and responding out of love and understanding allows our kids to feel safe and known.
  2. Being honest about the current situation doesn't mean exposing our kids to everything. Keeping the news to a minimum and guarding the information intake our kids have about the virus will help with their anxiety levels.
  3. Emphasize the positive and be honest about the negative. Provide solutions for how as a family you can stay healthy by washing your hands and practicing social distancing.
  4. Opening up the conversation about Coronavirus may bring on a range of responses. Consider what measures the family can take to support stability and wellbeing.
  5. Get the conversation started with kids through videos and podcasts to help explain the virus, social distancing, and the importance of keeping good hygiene.
  6. It’s important that we regularly check in to find out how our kids are doing and what new questions they may have.

Tools that can help

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