On Belonging:
Host Video Socials & Virtual Events

Host Video Socials & Virtual Events

The Idea

Just like we have team nights and social clubs at the office, keep those up via video! Being intentional to meet with one another as you would before self quarintine, provides smaller group atmospheres for connection.

Things To Think About

  1. If you didn't have socials arranged prior to working remotely, start small and get creative with virtual events! Something is better than nothing
  2. Often we dont really know how someone is coping, a small group event or conversation could be just what they need to get out of a slump
  3. Getting your creative juices flowing—try cook or bake the same recipe together, have a virtual movie night, organize a group fitness class, virtual paint night, spa day...
  4. Keep in mind that a virtual social gathering won't measure up to being in-person, but it's way better than nothing!

Tools that can help

We need your help—and we’re here to help. Have something that worked well for you? Need help navigating through the storm?

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