On Belonging:
Start with Empathy

Start with Empathy

The Idea

With everyone at home, many of us are having to coordinate video calls while sharing space with partners, housemates, kids, and pets. It's important we consider everyone's unique situation and be flexible with each other's schedules.

Things To Think About

  1. Trust that teammates care about the company and want to do a good job.
  2. We often don't know what others are going through, use this time to ask how they're coping.
  3. Especially now, our thinking should be people-first.
  4. If someone's productivity becomes a concern, have a conversation about what is particularly difficult in their world and what might be contributing to the issue.
  5. Connection and compassion are crucial to a "we're all in this together" culture and a sustainable future.

Tools that can help

Further Reading

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