On Belonging:
Be an Active Listener

Be an Active Listener

The Idea

When we listen, we're making a clear path for others to communicate fully, making room for understanding, clarification and the full picture. Good listeners make the conversation a positive experience and make teammates feel supported. If we listen well, then we become creators of a safe environment.

Things To Think About

  1. Periodically ask questions to promote discovery and insight
  2. Seek to understand the substance of what your teammate is saying
  3. If we fail to listen fully, we miss out on the opportunity to resolve the real issues
  4. Keep other screens or pages off. Engage fully with the person speaking
  5. If we embrace good listening, that doesn't mean we can't challenge and disagree, but the intention should be helping our team not winning the argument
  6. When we make suggestions after active listening, they are more likely to be well-received because we've established a relationship of respect
  7. Be aware of shifting the conversation about us instead of keeping it about others

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