On Belonging:
Host a Daily All Team Video Meeting (10-15mins) 9am

Host a Daily All Team Video Meeting (10-15mins) 9am

The Idea

Rally everyone together. See each other's faces. Be reminded we're not alone and are in this thing together. Create a space to hear from one another.

Things To Think About

  1. This process allows for accountability around office hours and being dressed for the day
  2. Gets everyone's day started with community
  3. Video calls tend to be conducive to one person speaking at a time, which makes the natural flow of conversation a little tricky
  4. Consider taking turns leading the meeting
  5. Open or close with an open-ended, non-work related question
  6. Choose a fun ritual to end your meeting
  7. The end of week meeting could be longer and allow for each team to "show off" what they've been working on

Tools that can help

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