A Community About Community

It’s been a wild few weeks, so we’re banding together to make it through.

On Wellbeing

The most important thing we can do for our community is to take care of our own mental and physical health. Through exercise, meditation, nutrition, and simple habits—we’re big believers in the importance of self-care as a first step in caring for others.

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On Productivity

Without the built-in discipline of the office, it can feel hard for us to be productive: expectations are the same, but our environment is not. Our most productive moments help us feel in control and leave us feeling accomplished and fulfilled. These moments help us reach our full potential.

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On Belonging

As an incredibly collaborative team, working remotely is foreign for us. But learning to re-think the process of working together has begun to unite us in a way that wouldn't have existed if nothing changed. Through forced separation, we're only growing closer.

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On Family

It seems that all of a sudden the landscape of our lives looks completely different. With the whole family at home, juggling work, homeschooling, meals, at-home activities, and more, how do we navigate managing work and family in the same space? Having these two environments merge into one has presented new challenges, and though there will be ups and downs, it only makes us stronger.

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On Helping

Wrestling with this new reality is difficult for all of us, though some have been confronted with incredibly helpless situations. Many of us are wanting to lend a hand in some way, but how? There are so many organizations actioning meaningful initiatives in this time, allowing us to help those in more vulnerable circumstances. Though it may seem minimal, we can still play a part in providing hope to those in our community.

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We need your help—and we’re here to help. Have something that worked well for you? Need help navigating through the storm?

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